Where do you fit on the Creation-Spectrum?

I have just published the inaugural 1Lifetale.com poll and I think I’ve picked a real beauty for the first topic to be voted on: Creation. There is always discussion within the Christian community about how we all got here, and so why not have a poll on creation.

At one end of the discussion there are those who opt for a literal reading of Genesis 1, at the other end there are those who believe God created the world through evolutionary processes, and yet there are others who stand somewhere in between these two view. What do you think, where do you fit in the spectrum? Cast your vote and be counted.


6 thoughts on “Where do you fit on the Creation-Spectrum?

  1. God could have created the world in six days had he wished, but before the sun and moon were hung in place what was the measure of a day? When you look upon a masterpiece, which is more important: the name of the artist, or the amount of time it took him to paint it?

    1. That is right; the creation-spectrum is really just for fun. But you make a great point, at the end of the day it is all about the creator. And what a good job he did, regardless of length and method. Thanks for your comment, and feel free to cast your vote as well.

  2. I completely agree. God clearly had the power to create the world in a matter of days. Yet, our evidence (that only He could have given to us) suggests otherwise. Besides, a “day” wasn’t created until the fourth “day”! How long were those first three? I find it interesting that “light” came before “sun”. Perhaps this relates to a different sort of atmosphere, where we can see light but no solar figure? Like, say, on a foggy day? Further, there seems to be a slightly different order to creation in Gen 1 vs. 2. Gen 1 says God made water, then plants, then sea animals, then land animals, then humans. Gen 2 says God made land, then man, then plants, then water, then animals, THEN woman. Some translations say God planted a garden before He made man, but the Hebrew is clear that man came first, clearly conflicting with Gen 1. I have never been bothered by this, since almost all Biblical scholars beliefe that Gen 2 was written before Gen 1, so I believe it is talking about the garden specifically rather than the world, and that it is likely a bit stylized, since it was written so much time later. How do you deal with these accounts?

    1. Hi Huguenot,

      Great reflections. My personal view about the two accounts it this:

      In my mind there is no tension between these two accounts. They tell different stories and have different focuses.

      Genesis 1 is a poetic account of the creation of the earth, focusing on God first and then humanity as the Climax of that story.

      Genesis 2 tells a different story, it tells the story of Humanity as God’s image bearers ruling over creation. God in partnership with humanity.

      Interms of the scientific validity of these two chapters, I don’t know, I’m no scientist. In terms of their truthfulness, I believe them to be absolutely true. God is the creator, he created the earth, Humanity is the climax of his creation. We are God’s image bearers, we are to rule creation, and partner with God. Unfortunately as the story goes we mucked up. Fortunately Jesus is the second Adam come to put things right, and we are to rule with him again.

      How do you deal with these accounts?

      1. You worded that beautifully! I am somewhat of a religious scholar, and also a linguist, so have had to analyze the scriptures in comparison to historical records, sociology of the societies, and linguistic analysis of a variety of the sources. I believe that Gen 1 and 2 were written by different groups of people at different times writing from different perspectives with different focuses (as you said). I believe God’s work can be analyzed scientifically, because He created the rules for science. The laws of physics are so complicated they cannot be entirely random and yet so perfect. I don’t know how to reconcile all scientific accounts, because as humans we are constantly learning, and are often wrong. How can an atheist say that science proves there is no god? How can Christians say that the Bible disproves science? In the end, only He knows the truth.

      2. Yeah that is it. The reality is that God was the only one there as the earth was brought into being. I’m happy with that. Thanks for your comments. Feel free to continue the conversations as new post come out.

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