Where have we been?

It has been almost five days since we last posted anything, and I am sure you are all wondering where have we been and what have we been doing; basically, what is our excuse for not blogging?

Sam and I have been at the Western Australia Baptist Pastors retreat/conference thingy. The conference ran from Monday through Wednesday. It was a great time for catching up with fellow pastors, friends, and family (Mum and Dad who are in pastoral ministry in Katanning were there also). The worship music was great, and the communion that we all shared together (there were around 170 of us there) was a wonderful experience.

The Ken and Judy from NSW Baptist Union were our speakers. They gave us a lot to think about. They majored on marriage partnerships and how they relate to pastoral ministry. The main argument was that if the marriage partnership is strained then so to will the pastoral work; work on your marriage and how it relates to pastoral ministry and you and your ministry will be all the better for it.

However while this was an important topic, one of the things that stuck out for me, one of the thing I am going to implement now that we are home is spiritual retreats. Ken and Judy mentioned the value of personal private spiritual day retreats in their lives. I’ve not done a retreat like that for a long time and so I thought that it should be a must to be calendared in sometime in the next month or two.

Where and or when do you grow spiritually? How do you connect with God? What practical things help you to grow closer to God and prepare you to be in the world?

The pastors retreat was the first time we were without Elizabeth. She got to stay at her Grandparents for the two nights we were away. It was hard to say goodbye to her, but we knew that she would love it, while we would be the typical nervous first time parents. But turns out there was really nothing to worry about, she did love it, we had a great time, and when it came to pick her up we were very happy to be back to the three of us together.


Sam had her 24th birthday yesterday, from her loving husband she got a bike and from her loving daughter she got a miniature garden set. It was a great day; just the three of us spending quality time with each other, unfortunately Sam was feeling very ill, this pregnancy is turning out to be a lot like the first. However we did get to go for a walk and Sam even went for a short ride up the street on her new bike. She did so well considering she last rode a bike when she was 12. Also I made Sam an ice-cream cake as part of our ‘Good’ family tradition, but because Sam was sick we didn’t get to eat it, however tonight Sam is feeling a whole lot better so bring on birthday cake!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Do you have any special birthday traditions?

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