Do we find out the sex or not?


Sam and I are expecting our second child in September. We are both so excited. Yesterday we went in for our 19week check up with the doctor and mum and the little one are doing well. It was so great to hear the babies heartbeat with the sounding machine thingy. It’s quite a relief to know that the baby has a healthy heart beat because it’s been fairly quiet. Besides the “spewing up your lungs” as the doctor put it there’s not been much to suggest a baby is even in Sam’s belly, and so we’ve been thinking where is this baby. But it’s there so that’s great.

Now here is the thing, we’re coming up for our 21 week scan.  For Sam’s first pregnancy with Elizabeth we didn’t check the sex, we wanted it to be a surprise. I want this one to be a surprise too, there is something special about finding out on the day what the sex of this little person is going to be. Now Sam would agree, it is special finding out the sex on the birth day but…
…only with the first one. Now she wants to find out the sex at the 21 week scan. And she wants to find out so that she can know what it is like to experience both ways; not finding out with the first pregnancy and finding out with the second. So Sam wants to know sometime in the next two weeks what the sex of the baby is. I don’t. But I don’t think that one of us should know and the other not, do you really think Sam could keep that big a secret for long? So what should we do? What would you do? What have you done?

6 thoughts on “Do we find out the sex or not?

  1. Now, that is an unfair poll! You basically asked 3 questions and the main question is so personal to you! I can see both of your perspectives. As for me, I have never had a child but I think I would want to know, to be prepared and to know how to design the nursery. I know, I could do it all neutral… maybe… but I’d kinda like to know! On the other hand, there is a magical, spiritual, natural process of the traditional anticipation and excitement over guessing! I would imagine that Sam partly wants to know to prepare her for what to deal with: 2 little girls or a bouncing baby boy. But no, I don’t think it’s even fair to make her keep a secret that big from you! I would at least slip up talking to friends in front of you “OOO! He’s kicking!”

    1. Hey I totally agree. I only put option 3 in there because that was an option that Sam had toyed around with. But I reckon it all or nothing; we either BOTH find out or we BOTH don’t. I don’t think one should know and the other not, that is unfair and too big a secret to keep. Thanks for the congrats by the way.

  2. Just get the radiographer to tell the Grandad, and he can be the keeper of such news. Neither the mum or the dad need to know!

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