The Scan(s) yep we’ve got to have another one

Last week we posted about a scan that we had coming up. And Sam and I were trying to decide whether or not we should find out the sex of our second child or not. I didn’t want to find out and Sam did; but we both knew that one of us could’t know while the other did. It would be unfair for one of us to have to keep a secret for that long, or something like that.

Well we’ve had our scan, and at 20 weeks our baby is fit and healthy, so praise God. In fact it seems that we have another cheeky child. The poor sonographer had a tough time trying to take pictures of the little one; they were so wriggly in the mummy’s tummy.

And guess what, we didn’t find out. Now that doesn’t mean that we didn’t try and have a look. I certainly did but I didn’t see anything. I found it hard to make heads or tails of anything. The screen that I was looking at was on the other side of the room, it was small, and the image was so black and white, and grainy. The only decipherable image I saw was a profile of the baby’s upper torso and head. I know showing ultrasound images is a bit of a contentious issue so I won’t put any up, but what I will say with unashamed bias is that what I did see was a rather gorgeous baby.

After being in the ultrasound room for over an hour and a half the sonographer got all she needed, well almost all she needed.

Because the baby was so wriggly the sonographer couldn’t see the heart clearly to make sure all the chambers and valves were in the right place doing what they’re meant to be doing. So the long and short of it is, we are heading back up to the city today to have another scan to try and get a clear picture of the heart. This means we get another chance to find out the sex, and we are still as uncertain now as we were last week about what we should do.

Now the votes of the poll from when we went in the first time were in favour of not finding out the sex. I’ve put the same poll at the bottom of this post. So there is still time to cast your vote. Before we go in to the ultrasound room this afternoon we will check the votes and then maybe be swayed by popular consensus; so get voting.


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