Date Night and the great baby tradeoff

Friday night is date night, it always has been for Sam and I. Now don’t let me deceive you, it’s been sporadic at best. Once here, twice there. Not that I’m making excuses but Wagin isn’t really the date night capital of the world. It’s not a place that has a lot to offer in the way of fine dining and evening entertainment. But anyway, of late we’ve been pretty good.


Last Friday I thought ‘blow it’, I’m taking my wife to dinner. So I booked us in for dinner at a nice restaurant/tavern about a 30 minute drive away. I called my parents up and asked if they could come and babysit Elizabeth. They said yes, so it was all set; I was going to surprise Sam with a child-free date night at a nice restaurant.

Anyway about five o’clock I told her that she might want to wear something nice for the night, which she was confused about, then mum and dad rocked up and things started to click for her. We then said goodbye to Elizabeth and the grandparents and took off south, childless and in love.

Because of our southward direction Sam figured out where we were going almost instantly. There’s really only the 1 restaurant south of us worth going to. And so when we rocked up Sam sang out, “I knew it”.

Anyway, as we were parking, the two guys pulling out prams from two separate cars should have set off some warning bells, but they didn’t. We parked the car and walked straight past them none the wiser. Then we went inside, and in the foyer we walked through a group of young families with heaps of toddlers, newborns, and a mass of prams.

As we walked past I did think to myself that it was an odd sight seeing babies in a tavern but maybe that’s the done thing in the country. And then at that spilt second we crossed the doorway into the restaurant section, saw the small table in the corner with two seats and the two long banquet tables in the middle, it occurred to me… Oh bother!!!

That small table with the two seat was ours, but those two long tables belonged to that large group of new parents, newborns, toddlers, and prams. After all my fanciful ideas about having a childless night, here we were sharing an intimate room with what must have been a play group Christmas in July outing. Turns out we traded a night without our daughter for a night with a bunch of newborns and toddlers. Yay!

Anyway all’s well that ends well. And we certainly did have a lovely night, all be it slightly more noisy than we imagined. Oh and the food was great, really nice. Thanks Woodanilling Tavern.

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