My new musical friend

I love music. For me music is my happy place, life’s little luxury. If I can I like to every now and then lay on my bed, put my headphones on and blast out music. when I do go on a music getaway I tend to listen to very emotive power tunes. They’re catchy; musically layered; and if you listen carefully, never boring.

Image representing Spotify as depicted in Crun...

I don’t know where or when it started but I like listening to foreign music, with foreign lyrics that I can’t understand. I think there is something about listening to a foreign song and then trying to guess what the artist is singing about by feeling the emotions they are conveying with their vocals.

All this listening to foreign music has caused me to develop quite an eclectic taste. Hey when your not confined by one particular language a whole world full of languages opens up.

Recently I have just discovered an web based music program called Spotify. It’s awesome. I would describe Spotify as a vast music library right at your finger tips without having to do the hard yards of building it yourself, just type in an artist or song or genre and away you go. The real benefit for me is that each song you listen to has either: a find similar artists button; or a radio button which when pressed selects similar songs to the one your listening to. Again a world of new music opens up.

Below in the Spotify player is my starred playlist; it’s a collection of my favorite songs at the moment. Hopefully as you listen to them they will stir your heart as much as they have mine.

Music is a wonderful thing so enjoy my little tribute to it.


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