the iPhone 5: at least I wish it was (Tuesday Video)

Those that know me well know that I love gadgets. This love for gadgets I blame solely on my dad, who also is a lover of gadgets. But my love of gadgets has developed and moved beyond my dad’s influence. Now I also love Apple’s gadgets, more specifically the iPhone.

The iPhone is an incredible invention; touch screen, apps, camera, gps, what can’t it do. I had a iphone 1 at least 12 months before Australia saw any iPhones in the shops. The iPhone is probably the best invention for a long time.

Now while I have an iPhone 4 I must say when I saw it launch I was like, “is that it?” it was more of an update of the 3gs than it was a new phone. Besides the styling and the screen there were not too many advances.

I came across this video not too long ago, it is a mock up of an iPhone 5, or at least someone’s hope of what the iPhone 5 might look like. Watch the video, it’s not bad. This iPhone 5 is quite a step beyond simply an upgrade.


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