My secret revealed… I procrastinate

Ok, so let me tell you a wee secret about myself; I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Phew, feels good to let that out. Yep, I’m one of those “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow (or the next day)” kind of guys.

union pacific freight train

Now I think I procrastinate when there is no pressure or when the deadline is too far away resulting in no pressure. For me, it’s not that I procrastinate for procrastination’s sake (we’ll at least most of the time), rather I function best when under pressure. I need deadlines, and I need them bearing down on me like a freight train at full speed.

Why tell you all this? Well last night was my reality check, that freight train I just mentioned, it arrived. Procrastination time ended and crazy time began.

Now Sam’s expertise is administration, she’s worked in administration for a number of years, and she’s good at it. Sam has written ten todo lists for us to both work through in preparation for Africa. There is a packing list, a pre baby list, a pre moving list, a Perth list, a purchase for Africa list, a purchase for baby list. Ben’s list, Sam’s list and a few others.

Now before you laugh and go “wow that is over the top”, it’s not. Remember; in the next two months we’re moving, having a baby, finishing one job, getting busy starting another,  and preparing and packing for Africa. That’s the simple version of what we’re doing. We need the lists, we need to see the big picture otherwise we’d go crazy.

Anyway back to last night. The lists are stuck up on the bedroom cupboard doors. And when I came to bed Sam was standing at the cupboard with pen in hand crossing off and revising the lists. So I walked into the bedroom and was greeted with…”Ben…when are you going to do A and B and C?” Now Sam wasn’t nagging me, she’s working through her lists and I am to work through mine.

So Sam asked me a question about getting through my list, and I responded with a “yeah I’ll do it later.” To which Sam replied, “Ben, we move in 4 weeks time.” “Huh?” My jaw dropped, “4 weeks”, that’s it, that’s all we’ve got until we move, until we finish our job here, FOUR WEEKS. That’s crazy.

All I wanted to do, when I realized we only have four weeks left, was run to the sandpit and bury my head until it had all blown over. I don’t want to do A and B and C now. I want to do A,B, and C when the deadline is just around the corner.

Turns out, friends, the deadline has come around the corner, and not only that, it’s whacked me in the face on it’s way past. Ladies and Gentlemen the countdown is on and we are down to sleeps. Who’d have thought? We’re moving to Perth, we’re having a baby, we’re going to Africa.

Now I need to sleep, my head hurts just thinking about it all. I might just leave A, B, and C until tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day.

4 thoughts on “My secret revealed… I procrastinate

    1. Well, now that I think of it…

      No, I’ve realised I need to take responsibility for my own floors (at least most of them). So you’re off the hook this time.

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