Evangelicalism maybe has had it’s day? (Tuesday Video)

I follow a guy from the states on twitter and his name is Frank Viola. Frank is a christian author who also blogs about Jesus, evangelicalism and the state of the Church today. His blog’s mission is as follows:

*To produce unique content for Christians as it pertains to God’s all-consuming purpose, the depths of Jesus Christ, and the expression of His body on the earth. Themes that are of particular interest to those who are moving “beyond evangelical.”

*To create a platform for community, conversation, and connection for the new wave of “beyond evangelicals.”

*To edify and challenge readers with the deeper truths of the Christian life, most of which are given little air-play in evangelical circles today.

*To help foster and encourage a new breed of Christians and Christian workers who are learning to live by the life of Christ and who are standing for God’s Eternal Purpose and grand mission in the earth.

*To serve as a supplement to the themes I’ve addressed in my books, exploring and expounding them in a deeper way.

*Additionally, my Twitter page is designed to share information, articles, links, quotes, resources, and news for those who are moving “beyond evangelical.”

He has got some good things to say about a lot of things but the one thing that has caught my attention time and time again is his writing on the subject of ‘moving beyond evangelicalism’.

Below is a video summary of this subject, and also you can click on the blog link here which explains it in greater detail. A lot of what Frank says resonates with me (I might write a bit in the weeks to come on the subject, we’ll see), does it resonate with you? Do we need to move beyond evangelical?


3 thoughts on “Evangelicalism maybe has had it’s day? (Tuesday Video)

  1. Hi, Ben, Thanks for this. I haven’t read Frank’s “Beyond Evangelical” yet but may have to put it on my reading list. A classmate of mine at Moore College, who later became a lecturer there has been questioning many things about Sydney evangelicalism on his blog. His latest post is “Does evangelicalism need a new hermeneutic?” He seems to follow James Barr’s line that “at the level of hermeneutics, evangelicals are indistinguishable from fundamentalists.  They share the same hermeneutic.” I’m not sure he’s right. Maybe Frank’s distinction between the “evangelical ethos” and the “evangelical movement” would help here.

    1. Thanks for your comment Stephen, it would be great if you could post that link in a comment below for us all to read. The thing that really resonates with me about this ‘beyond evangelical’ stuff is that it doesn’t seem to be about the left or right, and doesn’t buy into choosing sides. A lot of what flashes up in the video and blog is a middle or other way. I think people are becoming tired of having to choose sides, or choosing a particular box, which comes preloaded with a set of Ideas. I think I also like the fact that a fresh reading of Jesus often is that middle way.

      1. Hi, Ben. Here is the link to Keith’s blog post http://arestlessfaith.com.au/blog/does-evangelicalism-need-a-better-hermeneutic. I would need to do more reading before I can comment adequately on his blog. On the issue of “inerrancy”, for example, there are a couple of books by Kenton L Sparks which are useful, according to some reviews e.g. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/rogereolson/2012/06/a-good-new-book-on-the-bible-reviewed-continuing-the-discussion-on-the-word-inerrancy. Hang on to your hat, this could be a long ride!

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