It’s just a stupid high-chair

I’m quite an emotional guy. Every now and then when something moves me, my emotions get the better of me and, yes, I have been known to cry. We’re moving to Perth in 4 weeks, and then to Africa by March, and I’m feeling good about it. We’ve planned, and we’re prepared, and all we need to do is, as Nike’s slogan says, “Just do It”. There’s going to be no emotion involved, it’s all going to be clinical and calculated… What was I thinking?


Today Sam’s parents came down with some packing boxes that we’d left at their place. That was great, we unpacked the boxes, and in their place, to go back in the car, we we’re going to put some stuff that we no longer needed, or wouldn’t need when we move.

First we took the dryer off the wall, gave it a quick clean over, and then put it in the back of the car. Secondly we grabbed the old cot that we didn’t need, it was a spare, and that went into the car. Then some of Sam’s maternity clothes that she didn’t use also went into the car. Finally we packed our high chair that we’d bought second hand when Sam was pregnant with Elizabeth.

I must say I was even a bit embarrassed at the state of it, it was well used when we bought it, and we certainly gave it a run for its money. It was torn in one spot, milk stains and food muck had soaked into the straps and had fallen down the gaps. But we had moved Elizabeth into the booster chair this week so we didn’t need it, and it is going to a good home, where it’ll be appreciated and well used. So in the car it went.

Now I don’t know what happened, but as I shut the car door I almost began to cry. I kept it together and went back inside to tell Sam that the chair had been packed, and when I told her she also almost began to cry. What was with us?

Anyway the car was packed, and Sam’s parents hopped in and pulled out of the drive. And as we waved goodbye to Sam’s parents, high chair in the back, it felt like we were waving goodbye to a close friend we probably would never see again.

When the car was out of sight, we both looked at each other and began to cry, that high chair was full of memories, memories of our baby girl, who was now a big girl. And that high chair leaving was like a chapter closing. And so we both had a good cry and a big hug over a stupid high chair. Emotions are a funny thing.


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