Hi, I know, it’s been a while…

Hi, I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it. And I’ve missed sitting down and chatting with you, but so much has been happening these last few months that I’ve just not had much of an opportunity to write. Well today that changes, and while both girls (yep that’s right, I’m a dad again to the beautiful Anna Sophia) are asleep I feel the need to touch base.

So here we go: We finished up in Wagin at the end of August, and wow that felt like my heart was being ripped right out of my chest. We miss our church family there so much, because that is what they were to us; family. It is really hard to explain, and when we began I didn’t think it would be hard to leave, but it was.

Even saying goodbye to the house was hard, not in a materialistic way like “oh I don’t want to say goodbye to the house because it’s got a brilliant kitchen and lots of rooms” but it was hard to say goodbye to it because it is so full of memories. We’ve lived in that house for the first 20months of our eldest’s life. All her firsts were at this house; she learned to sit up, crawl, and walk in this house.

When we said goodbye to the house, it was like we were grieving, strange I know, it’s just a house, but it felt like a sacred space to us. And what’s more the house probably did symbolise our whole time at Wagin, so we weren’t just grieving the sacred space but also leaving our family and our pastoral responsibilities.

Anyway we’re here in Perth now, and while it has been crazy hectic, we’ve got a lot to show for it, a baby. Anna Sophia was born three weeks ago, and she is just so wonderful. Her big sister is smitten over her and loves to hug and play, and hug and play with her all the time.

Anyway lots to do and write about so I’d better get to it.


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